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The counseling process is much simpler than some make it out to be. Our job is to listen well and help you set and reach your counseling goals. Our clinicians give you assistance in moving toward and reaching whatever counseling and therapy goals you might have.

We provide services in a confidential, comfortable setting. The office is dedicated to helping each client reach their goals. Although we are experts in treating a variety of concerns, we believe it best to ask our clients what they need from treatment. We follow a strict code of ethics to deliver your therapy or counseling in a private method you can trust. Our professionals avoid directing clients to do what we believe is best; instead we try to help clients get where they want to go.

Many of our experienced clinicians have over 10 years of valuable experience to assist you. Success for our office is determined by how many people we successfully teach to handle their own issues & enjoy their life after our time together.

See our therapist and counselor section for information on what types of professionals we utilize to help you and their credentials.

What is the counseling process like?

Our main objective during the initial visit is for you to explain to us what issues are presenting and how we can help you and establish some preliminary goals. We do this by listening and asking questions. Anything that you write down on our intake paperwork will help us help you. Generally, the first appointment is considered an assessment of the presenting issue. A psychosocial history is taken and an in depth look at the problem begins. Assessment instruments may be used to assist the practitioner with problem and strength identification.

Your clinical professional will review limits and laws regarding confidentiality and discuss the therapeutic process. Your consent to begin treatment is obtained in writing before any treatment can begin. Our treatment does not begin until the client is face to face in our office.

Sessions usually last 50-55 minutes. The exact number of sessions and length of time we will need to help is difficult to predict. Most issues can get some relief in 4-6 sessions. Some take many more. Both parties usually become aware of when the process is becoming successful, and fewer visits are needed. Termination of the process occurs when clinical issues no longer exist or a client decides to stop the process. The relationship is kept open and contact later, for maintenance of related or separate issues, is common.

At times, people miss appointments, get caught up in life and/or counseling becomes a secondary goal. It is very difficult to maintain progress if this happens. We encourage all of our clients to keep their commitment to the process and actively engage in helping themselves.

All fees, co-payments, and payments are due at the time of service delivery prior to the session.

Every session is governed by the documents we provide prior to the start of the counseling sessions. These documents can be viewed, printed and complete before the assessment/first session can begin. Please click to view our New Client Paperwork or our Privacy Practices.

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Lexington Counseling Process
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