Paul Dalton MS, LPCC, CADC

Paul Dalton, MS, LPCC, CADCLicensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

“We built our practice to help average, everyday people who live and work in Kentucky. I think we do that very well. Our 4 Central Kentucky locations have helped thousands of people live a better, happier life. We care about our clients and our reputation. I hope we can help! If you need anything, please call 859.338.0466 and ask for me.”

Paul D. Dalton, MS, LPCC, CADC

Paul D. Dalton, MS, LPCC, CADC is licensed and certified in the State of KY to deliver mental health and substance abuse counseling services. He is qualified, trained, and experienced to treat adults, adolescents and children when presented with families.

An LPCC or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor is given authority to practice independently of supervision. They must have regular training and adhere to strict ethical standards mandated by the LPCC Board. Paul Dalton provides LPCC supervision and training and is a counselor educator at Eastern Kentucky University where he teaches graduate students the profession of counseling. His office regularly has students learning and assisting in the practice.

Mr. Dalton is  a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor or CADC. This is a subspecialty which gives him expertise in helping individuals experiencing substance abuse issues, including family or loved ones. Although this certification is extremely important to his practice, Mr. Dalton believes that having a master’s degree in a mental health counseling related field is the primary credential for helping others.

His experience includes working with people in multiple psychiatric hospital settings, directing programs in an intensive outpatient setting, assisting in designing, implementing and directing adolescent treatment, providing training for mental health professionals and creating the current practice which provides care to hundreds of people weekly in Central Kentucky. Paul continues to provide counseling services in Lexington, KY. His training includes an Undergraduate degree in Psychology and 2 Graduate degrees in Counseling. As stated above, he is also a counselor educator at Eastern Kentucky University.

Paul and his offices have helped thousands of people reach their goals in Kentucky. Call us 859-338-0466 or contact us today!

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